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Water and Fire, Oh MY!

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How do you deal with a fire with confirmed victims? Oh, did I mention that the streets are flooded with moving water?

Wood Trusses Can Be Killers!

Take a look at the difference between wood trusses and stick-built roofs. There is a difference when both are attacked by fire and one fails miserably.

Fire Growth vs. Resources

This is a good example of the need for more resources. It concerns me when I see lines in a building and there is nobody at the entry point for a back up. In addition, we are constantly training on coordinated attacks. We have no available crews for ventilation or search and rescue that I […]

Fire in the Middle

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Your first line placement is important, even on the simple fires. Make sure you pick the appropriate size.

How to Deploy

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Assign your crews to tasks on this house fire with rescue. They are all sitting at the front door, but you need them elsewhere. Where do you put them and why?

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-13-2010

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Based on your risk vs benefit, are these victims viable and worth the risk? What do you do?

The Plain Clothes Vent Man

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Don’t allow this on your scene. There is no room for the Plain Clothes Vent Man at your calls.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-7-10

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Give us your tactics and strategies for this large residential fire. Share you thoughts and ideas on how you would tackle this fire as the first arriving company officer or commanding officer.

Hazards of Commercial Buildings

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No doubt that we all have a building like this in our jurisdiction, if not several. In many cases these buildings have been several different kinds of business and altered some fashion or another. These are not simple fires, especially if there are part of a main street block or strip mall type of set […]

Company Training Discussion 2: Residential Fire with Exposure

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This is the response from the posting from the other day.  Our fried Fred commented with the following details: Assuming wood frame construction of main structure. Challenges: fire already past egress point at patio doors of main structure. Exposure of propane tank in backyard. Possible hazardous storage in garage. Garage may be block construction. 1st […]

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