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Row Houses

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This building fire give us many challenges and the need for resources. It is obvious we have extreme exposure problems. How do you handle this?

Water and Fire, Oh MY!

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How do you deal with a fire with confirmed victims? Oh, did I mention that the streets are flooded with moving water?

Know Your Buildings

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Boarded up windows can disorient and block our means of egress when in a fire. Know your buildings and always take a tool with you when enterior dangerous areas, like any interior operations.

Working Off Ladders

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Don’t forget the basics. Let’s keep ourselves safe on ladders. Use your leg locks and/or lodder belts.

Vent, Enter and Search

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Would you use VES on this fire? What tactics would you use instead or in addition too to search for occupants?

Fire Growth vs. Resources

This is a good example of the need for more resources. It concerns me when I see lines in a building and there is nobody at the entry point for a back up. In addition, we are constantly training on coordinated attacks. We have no available crews for ventilation or search and rescue that I […]

Multiple Story I-Joists Floors

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I-joists are used on all floors. Remember this when searching floors above the main level. Be careful and keep the construction in mind when making your attack.

Venting the Roof

Take a look at this video and let me know what you see. I posted the still frame from this video and had some great responses. Now, here is the whole thing. What do you see and what would you do different if anything?

Accidental Green Roof

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This is not a real “green” roof. It may look like one, but, it was by accident.

How to Deploy

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Assign your crews to tasks on this house fire with rescue. They are all sitting at the front door, but you need them elsewhere. Where do you put them and why?

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