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Dangerous Situation

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Do you know how to read the smoke and recognize the signs of backdraft?

Company Discussion: Vacant Buildings Cont.

Just because a building is occupied does not make it inherently safe if it is on fire. The same is true for vacant buildings; just because it is vacant does not make inherently dangerous just because it is vacant. It also doesn’t mean it isn’t occupied.

Company Discussion: Vacant Building

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We need to plan for and be prepared for fires in vacant buildings. How do you approach these and do you do anything different with these buildings?

Garden Hose Conduit

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Stay alert on the fire ground and be aware of your surroundings. Not expecting the unexpected could be a shocking experience.

Company Discussion Series

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Get your crew together and make your assignments. There’s a fire and we need to make assignments.

Building Collapse: Are You Thinking?

No the indicators of collapse and stay alert. Know your collapse zones and stay out them if indicators are noted. Collapsing buildings will kill firefighters. Stay safe.

Secondary Means of Escape

Operating on the roof during a building fire requires us to have a secondary means of escape. This will likely be the responsibility of crews on the ground. But, if resources are such, the vent team may need to place both sets of ladders prior to making the roof.

What Would You Have Done?

This video is important for all to see. The end result here could have been tragic. Please watch these firefighters and what transpires.

More Than Just an Electrical Problem

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Situational awareness and doing your 360 will prevent bad things from happening on a fire in a house like this.

How Do You Place Your Apparatus?

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Placing apparatus is important to keep crews inside safe and the operator safe. Take time to think about where you are placing your equipment.

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