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Breakdown of FDIC 2010 H.O.T. Classes: RIT Combat Drills

The final drill was a scenario where all the drills we went through would be applicable for a final rescue of three Maydays. It was a team building exercise and multiple teams were needed to rescue one victim. Air management is paramount and the teams must understand when to call in the next team without running out of air.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 4

Not much to say. This shows some great techniques. Keep training and something different coming tomorrow.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 3

Here is part three of this series from Dale Perek. Dale is a Captain from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I failed to mention Dale in the prior posts and my sincerest apologies.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 2

Here is the second video on entanglement and having the right tools to get yourself out of a bad situation. Remember, having these tools may not only save your own life, but that of your partners too.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 1

Ultimately we want to train and educate ourselves to avoid being entangled, but it is important to have the knowledge to know the situations where we need to be able to self-rescue or call the Mayday.

Downed Firefighter Drills

Great video from the Denver FD on RIT drills and carries.

Great RIT Pack Video

It is important to be familiar with your respective RIT bag and equipment.  Be able to use this in the dark and with gloves on.  Be prepared if you are RIT and don’t take that assignment lightly.

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