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More Company Discussions:You Are the Boss!

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Deploy your resources accordingly through what ever a first alarm will bring you. If you want to expand your alarms, hey, have at it.

Vent, Enter and Search

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Would you use VES on this fire? What tactics would you use instead or in addition too to search for occupants?

Fire Growth vs. Resources

This is a good example of the need for more resources. It concerns me when I see lines in a building and there is nobody at the entry point for a back up. In addition, we are constantly training on coordinated attacks. We have no available crews for ventilation or search and rescue that I […]

Venting the Roof

Take a look at this video and let me know what you see. I posted the still frame from this video and had some great responses. Now, here is the whole thing. What do you see and what would you do different if anything?

How to Deploy

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Assign your crews to tasks on this house fire with rescue. They are all sitting at the front door, but you need them elsewhere. Where do you put them and why?

Chief on Scene and In the Smoke

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Chiefs need to remember their tasks and responsibilities on the fire ground. As aggresssive as you want to be, stay safe and set the example.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-11-2010

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Your first in with limited resources. Possible victims trapped. How do you handle this one?

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-10-10

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What would you do if you were the first arriving company officer on this fire? What are the main considerations with this house? Share and post your answers and thoughts.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-7-10

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Give us your tactics and strategies for this large residential fire. Share you thoughts and ideas on how you would tackle this fire as the first arriving company officer or commanding officer.

Mississippi SB 2079: Attack on Residential Sprinklers

Another state selling out public safety: bill will essentially not allow local jurisdictions and municipalities to adopt residential sprinkler ordinances.

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