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The Road Map: Give Some Direction

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        As the company officer we have an obligation to ensure that our crew stays safe. Wearing seatbelts, traffic vests, headsets on the apparatus and making sure that our PPE is worn appropriately are all important, no doubt. But, imagine being given a map with no starting point and no idea where […]

FREE Webinar–Five Steps for Promotion

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Get registered for this FREE webinar on how to increase your chances for promotion. There is no magic bullet and it takes work, but, there are few things you can do in any career to help you on your path to promotion. Click HERE to register and share with your friends!

Episode 7: Be Thankful for the Hard Things

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  In this episode we take fall in line with the season of Thanksgiving and discuss being thankful for not only the things that are good and enjoyable in our lives, but also the things that are challenges or perceived failures. We can learn and grow so much more from the hard things than the […]

Episode 6: Resiliency

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  Throughout our lives we have challenges, frustrations and failures.  There is no way to avoid them and we have to learn how to deal with them.  Certainly, we try to do all we can to minimize them and avoid those situations, but life happens! This Monday Mantra addresses being resilient.  We must be resilient […]

Episode 5: Humility: Have Some!

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  This episode is a discussion about the power of humility for leaders. All of us need to be and could demonstrate more humility in our daily and professional lives. The kind of humility I”m talking about isn’t deflecting compliments, although giving credit where it’s due is important and nobody likes a bragger, we need […]

Episode 4: Perseverance

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  In this episode discuss the challenges we are confronted with everyday. Some of those challenges are at work, at home or in other organizations or functions we participate in. The can be from the things we love to do or in the form of things we don’t like to do. In any event, we […]

The Monday Mantra, Exceed Expectations from Leading Under Fire

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  Every Monday I will post a new podcast from Leading Under Fire to give you a little boost to get your week started. I will provide inspirational quotes, helpful tips and just straight encouragement to have the best week you can. This episode focusses on Exceeding Expectations. In this episode we discuss that meeting […]

Leading Under Fire

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Please listen to and share my new podcast called “Leading Under Fire”. I am starting a new podcast that will not only be fire service targeted, but the general public. At the urging of some friends and social media followers, I have decide to branch out a little. This is the first of a weekly […]

Opposing Forces

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A common question that is posed from current and prospective officers along with engaged firefighters is “how do you deal with superior officers or an organization that doesn’t want to move forward?” First, it’s not always the organization or the superior officers that are the sole problem. I’ve seen good, engaged, enthusiastic  firefighters circumvent the […]

Command and Size Up “Memory Joggers”

  Here is a great "memory jogger" for Command Functions and Size Up from one of our instructors, Scott Hulsey.   Size-up Matrix   Command Sequence Cycle     Click the link for each and feel free to use how you wish. If you have additions and suggestions, please share.   Thanks for reading and […]

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