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Service and Misc. Calls–Podcast

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This episode we discuss some items to consider when dealing with service and misc. calls.  It’s important that we don’t take these incidents lightly.  Each call has the potential for being a challenge, not matter how it is dispatched or what you think it might be. For CO calls follow your guidelines for calling out […]

Episode 7: Be Thankful for the Hard Things

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  In this episode we take fall in line with the season of Thanksgiving and discuss being thankful for not only the things that are good and enjoyable in our lives, but also the things that are challenges or perceived failures. We can learn and grow so much more from the hard things than the […]

To Be Up or Down

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  In my years as a younger firefighter, both as a volunteer and during my career training, it was driven home that we enter building fires with a low profile.  More specifically on our hands and knees.  I was never going to question my instructors, the books or the more veteran firefighters that mentored me. […]

Episode 6: Resiliency

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  Throughout our lives we have challenges, frustrations and failures.  There is no way to avoid them and we have to learn how to deal with them.  Certainly, we try to do all we can to minimize them and avoid those situations, but life happens! This Monday Mantra addresses being resilient.  We must be resilient […]

Episode 4: Perseverance

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  In this episode discuss the challenges we are confronted with everyday. Some of those challenges are at work, at home or in other organizations or functions we participate in. The can be from the things we love to do or in the form of things we don’t like to do. In any event, we […]

5 Week Company Officer Program–Online

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5 Week ODP 11-2015   I have been running this class now for over a year and the demand has grown. I am happy to say that this class will be the first for us to use a Learning Management System, Blackboard, to deliver our next offering in November. This will allow the student easier […]

Location, Location, Location!

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With all of the debate about exterior versus interior, I wanted to share a video that I use in many of the tactical classes that I teach and offer a few observations.  First, this is a video that is used for learning, not to critique the methods or tactics that were or were not deployed […]

My 2014 Take Away

Since the end of 2014, I have been reading and listening to year end thoughts and data related to the fire service. There has been discussion on types of calls, near misses and, of course, line of duty deaths. Numbers are broken down and categorized for each type of injury or death that is fire […]

Opposing Forces

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A common question that is posed from current and prospective officers along with engaged firefighters is “how do you deal with superior officers or an organization that doesn’t want to move forward?” First, it’s not always the organization or the superior officers that are the sole problem. I’ve seen good, engaged, enthusiastic  firefighters circumvent the […]

Don’t Wait for Your Ship, You Might Miss It!

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In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to be involved in both sides of the promotional process: as a participant and as an interviewer. Both are stressful and will challenge you. You must be able to pull from your training, education, experience and coaching in both circumstances to arrive at a positive decision and […]

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