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Episode 7: Be Thankful for the Hard Things

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  In this episode we take fall in line with the season of Thanksgiving and discuss being thankful for not only the things that are good and enjoyable in our lives, but also the things that are challenges or perceived failures. We can learn and grow so much more from the hard things than the […]

Learn Something

Let’s learn something that will keep us safe and make us better and thank the guy who filmed and posted the video for the experience.

Company Discussions: Redeployment?

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Time is running out for keeping this in check and an interior attack. We’ve all been here and we know how this can go.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-11-2010

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Your first in with limited resources. Possible victims trapped. How do you handle this one?

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-7-10

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Give us your tactics and strategies for this large residential fire. Share you thoughts and ideas on how you would tackle this fire as the first arriving company officer or commanding officer.

Wear Your PPE!

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We can see that there is a working fire at this building.  It is very likely a good choice to vertically ventilte this building. However, how a commanding officer could allow his people to put themselves in this situation is unacceptable. There are at least two firefighters on this roof with smoke and fire below them […]

Ladder Placement

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This is a good working fire and I can see mutliple hose lines going into the structure. It is unfortunate that it is a fire that is ruining someone’s Christmas. With that being said, it is good to see some ladders on this structure since it appears there are crews upstairs. To the left of […]

Walking on Fire

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Okay, does this cause panic in anybody else? What I see here is some very bad decision making. Most codes would not allow this. First, the hanging streamers I’m sure are not class A finishes. Second, the candles are all in the aisles which are part of the means of egress. You have to really […]

Nice Jeans

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This picture was labeled as “safety-fire-training”, no kidding.  This appears to be some sort of flammable liquids fire training by the looks of the props and their technique. As we can see, they are wearing standard jeans and long sleeve t-shirt for personal protection along with adjustible sports hat for head protection.  It is difficult […]

How Many Does It Take?

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Now I don’t know exactlly what is going on here, but just from the photo I would guess that they are pushing the limits of this porch.  It appears that the building is of an advanced age the possibility of some rotten members are good. Since there are firefighters on this roof and the brick […]

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