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Light Weight Strip Malls

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As you look at this building you can see that it seems to be a series of stores or spaces in a commercial building. Most likely a strip mall type building.

Great RIT Pack Video

It is important to be familiar with your respective RIT bag and equipment.  Be able to use this in the dark and with gloves on.  Be prepared if you are RIT and don’t take that assignment lightly.

Fire Officer Basics: Part 1

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Although everyone is responsible for safety and identifying unsafe conditions, the officer must continually keep a watchful eye on conditions.

Ladder Bail Out Plus…..

Take a look at this video and watch and listen to the communications. There is a lot to learn here and these guys were under a lot of pressure. You can just feel it how they are talking and acting on the fire ground.

More on Light Weight Construction

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Check out this article for some great information and links in regards to light weight construction and the hazards that are associated with it. All firefighters and officers need to read this.

Company Discussion: Vacant Buildings Cont.

Just because a building is occupied does not make it inherently safe if it is on fire. The same is true for vacant buildings; just because it is vacant does not make inherently dangerous just because it is vacant. It also doesn’t mean it isn’t occupied.

Company Discussion: Vacant Building

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We need to plan for and be prepared for fires in vacant buildings. How do you approach these and do you do anything different with these buildings?

More Than Just an Electrical Problem

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Situational awareness and doing your 360 will prevent bad things from happening on a fire in a house like this.

Who Should be at the Tip?

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Where your SCBA and all PPE when in and around an IDLH. Officers must make sure their people are safe at all times.

Fiberglass Panels

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If you haven’t considered the impact that fiberglass roof panels can have you and your department, read the linked article and train and plan accordingly.

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