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Multiple Story I-Joists Floors

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I-joists are used on all floors. Remember this when searching floors above the main level. Be careful and keep the construction in mind when making your attack.

Fire in the Middle

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Your first line placement is important, even on the simple fires. Make sure you pick the appropriate size.

Frozen Firefighters

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Winter operations make the job harder and more dangerous. Take precautions and be safe.

Venting the Roof

Take a look at this video and let me know what you see. I posted the still frame from this video and had some great responses. Now, here is the whole thing. What do you see and what would you do different if anything?

How to Deploy

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Assign your crews to tasks on this house fire with rescue. They are all sitting at the front door, but you need them elsewhere. Where do you put them and why?

What’s Above You?

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What is lurking on the roof? It could come crashing down on you.

Lending a Hand?

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This is not good! This is when getting out in the neighborhood really pays off.  Sure, someone could notify you about this, but it is so much better when you just stumble across something like this. I don’t know how this was discovered, but some firefighters thought enough of it to snap some photos. Getting […]

Long Way Down

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Jump for it. These exits may require some agility to escape from.

Chief on Scene and In the Smoke

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Chiefs need to remember their tasks and responsibilities on the fire ground. As aggresssive as you want to be, stay safe and set the example.

Bulging Walls

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Look at all sides of the building, you never know what you will find.

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