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Secondary Means of Escape

Operating on the roof during a building fire requires us to have a secondary means of escape. This will likely be the responsibility of crews on the ground. But, if resources are such, the vent team may need to place both sets of ladders prior to making the roof.

More Than Just an Electrical Problem

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Situational awareness and doing your 360 will prevent bad things from happening on a fire in a house like this.

Company Discussion

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On what appears to be routine fires, there are challenges always lurking. You must use caution and control in making your tactical decisions.

Row Houses

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This building fire give us many challenges and the need for resources. It is obvious we have extreme exposure problems. How do you handle this?

Water and Fire, Oh MY!

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How do you deal with a fire with confirmed victims? Oh, did I mention that the streets are flooded with moving water?

Burnt Breakers

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Burnt or melted breakers indicate overloads or other major electrical problems.

Working Off Ladders

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Don’t forget the basics. Let’s keep ourselves safe on ladders. Use your leg locks and/or lodder belts.

Vent, Enter and Search

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Would you use VES on this fire? What tactics would you use instead or in addition too to search for occupants?

Wood Trusses Can Be Killers!

Take a look at the difference between wood trusses and stick-built roofs. There is a difference when both are attacked by fire and one fails miserably.

Fire Growth vs. Resources

This is a good example of the need for more resources. It concerns me when I see lines in a building and there is nobody at the entry point for a back up. In addition, we are constantly training on coordinated attacks. We have no available crews for ventilation or search and rescue that I […]

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