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More Fire Stopping–Puddy

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If the fire puddy or caulk is not completely around the cables or conduit, when the puddy/caulk is heated and expands, there will be a void on the side that the cable or conduit is touching the side of the pipe or sleeve

Making Sure Beams Fail

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Steel will deform and twist and this beam will meet little, if any, resistance during a fire. I understand that a pocket of concrete will not keep this beam from dislodging, but it there is a reason for properly pocketing these beams.

Who Needs Junction Boxes?

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Just keep your eyes open and take note of this kind of stuff. These situations do start fires.

Firestopping Collars

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No what your builders and contractors are using to protect penetrations in fire rated walls, ceilings and floors. Make sure they are doing it right.

Making I-joists More Dangerous

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This is a weak spot in this floor and will sag. It will fail much faster if contacted with fire.

Company Discussion: Vacant Buildings Cont.

Just because a building is occupied does not make it inherently safe if it is on fire. The same is true for vacant buildings; just because it is vacant does not make inherently dangerous just because it is vacant. It also doesn’t mean it isn’t occupied.

Painted Sprinkler Heads

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Doing a thorough inspection on remodels could prevent something like this. This is a safety issue for both the occupants and firefighters.

Bare Wires and Styrofoam

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Bare wires and Styrofoam don’t mix. Don’t let this kind of wiring go on inspections. Stay alert out there.

The Ingenuity Files

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Dish soap bottles are now adequate for electrical outlets.

Burnt Breakers

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Burnt or melted breakers indicate overloads or other major electrical problems.

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