What Bad Could Happen Here?

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This is an example of poor judgment. The firefighter in the door must have an SCBA on. There is still smoke pushing and you never know when that front room could light off. If this room would flash or even quickly push smoke and heat the full length of the door, this firefighter is in […]

Safe Crackers

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Not a great picture, but, it was fun. The police arrive with a safe from a search of a house. They were suspecting to find some drugs based on their informant. Since they couldn’t shoot the thing open, they did the next best thing; brought it to the fire department. This safe wasn’t all that […]

Overhangs, Concealed Spaces, Facades

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Here is a look at a concealed space on a mercantile building that is being added on to. This is not built into the building, but hangs on the outside. Fire can race through here and collapse on firefighters entering and leaving the building during suppression operations. Care must be taken to open this space […]

How Could They Think This was Okay?

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Okay, this morning I’m taking my kids to school and I have to pass this new McDonald’s in our jurisdiction. I have done inspections and the plan review, so I know what is supposed to be happening here. As I pass by I look to the left to see the progress and I see this. […]


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The next several blogs are going to come from class that I am creating that raises the importance of company inspections and how they affect our suppression efforts. As you can see in this picture, the FDC is blocked and was difficult to see from the road. Add night conditions and an ill prepared fire […]


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