Keokuk, Iowa: Ten Years Ago Remembered

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keokuk Photos By Cindy Iutzi It was ten years ago today that Keokuk, Iowa lost three of it’s own in a two-family residential fire. In addition to the LODD there were also three children that perished in the fire as well.  There is a great deal of information about this fire and the events that […]

Tis the Season for Candles

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I know I have just about beat this to death, but I attended two Christmas plays and a wedding in the past week and was glad to see that there were no candles in the aisles at any of them.  This time of year we see an increased use in candles in places of worship […]

Company Discussion 1: Residential Fire

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This is a house that we all have in our jurisdiction somewhere.  Take a look at the scene and start your size up. What hazards do we have just from looking at the propert?  If the outside looks as it does, what can we suspect the inside looks like? Will this affect our efforts and/or […]

Ridge Cut

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[youtube=] Here is a good video showing a ridge cut for venting a roof vertically.  Don’t forget that on a real fire, you need to wear SCBA and it is still optimum to have a roof ladder to help to operate off. In addition, care must be made to ensure that the roof is stable enough […]

Wear Your PPE!

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We can see that there is a working fire at this building.  It is very likely a good choice to vertically ventilte this building. However, how a commanding officer could allow his people to put themselves in this situation is unacceptable. There are at least two firefighters on this roof with smoke and fire below them […]

Ladder Placement

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This is a good working fire and I can see mutliple hose lines going into the structure. It is unfortunate that it is a fire that is ruining someone’s Christmas. With that being said, it is good to see some ladders on this structure since it appears there are crews upstairs. To the left of […]

LODD FDNY 1998 On This Day

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On this day, December 18, 1998, 3 FDNY Firefighters  were killed in the Line of Duty at a high rise fire. Lt. Joseph Cavalieri, FF Chris Bopp and FF Jimmy Bohan died on the 10th floor of a labeled “fireproof” multiple dwelling whose sprinklers had been shut off. The three firefighters from L170 arrived and had the assignment of searching […]

Combustible Liquids

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This is a repair shop that is not sprinklered, it was built prior to the code, and that also does fabricating.  They have added on without permits for several years and now is a dangerous place to be.  They have taken some measures to meet the inspection requirements, but, as you can see, there are […]

1964 Indiana Nursing Home Fire

On this day in 1964, a nursing in Fountaintown, Indiana caught fire around 3:00AM.  A nurse reportedly saw the fire in the kitchen and hall way and started screaming for everyone to get out. The first state troopers on the scene stated that the fire moved very fast throughout the first floor and that although […]

Special Events, Watch for Them

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On this day in 1961, not that long ago, a circus tent caught fire in Niterói, Brazil.  The fire killed 323 people including many children. It is suspected that a disgruntled worker set the fire, but that has been disputed by some. It is another example why we have codes and permits for these special […]

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