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Here is blog site that is worth checking out. It is called Firefighter Basics and is ran by Marques Bush. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Marques at FDIC 2010 and he is a true friend and great ambassador of the fire service

Take the Entire Window

Do yourself and those inside a favor, take the entire window.

Technical Rescue/Special Ops

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However, as you can see we have two problems with this scenario: the piece of equipment tilted and the boom in the house.

The 360: Basement Bulk Heads

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The picture is a bulk head for a basement. We have always been taught and trained to look for and create a secondary means of egress for upper floors. Well, it’s no different for basements.

Breakdown of FDIC 2010 H.O.T. Classes: RIT Combat Drills

The final drill was a scenario where all the drills we went through would be applicable for a final rescue of three Maydays. It was a team building exercise and multiple teams were needed to rescue one victim. Air management is paramount and the teams must understand when to call in the next team without running out of air.

Personal Harness H.O.T. Class from FDIC 2010

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The bailout evolution was by far the funnest part of the day. There were three opportunities to bailout and I think everyone took advantage of that.

Basic Engine Company Ops from the Brotherhood

Brotherhood Instructors training video for engine company ops.

Blog Carnival Entry

In addition, and we don’t know why, the crew took the line to the basement door on the main level before asking for water and there was no 360 done prior to making entry. These two contributing factors are the real meat and potatoes for this LODD. And, it is also why it is so influential to me. How many times have we done the same thing? How many 360s do we do on a regular basis? Would finding the seat of the fire in the basement as a result of the 360 change the entry point? We may never know.

A New Blog to Check Out

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101 blog site.

FDIC 2010 Large Area Search Video

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