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More on Light Weight Construction

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Check out this article for some great information and links in regards to light weight construction and the hazards that are associated with it. All firefighters and officers need to read this.

Wood Trusses Can Be Killers!

Take a look at the difference between wood trusses and stick-built roofs. There is a difference when both are attacked by fire and one fails miserably.

Multiple Story I-Joists Floors

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I-joists are used on all floors. Remember this when searching floors above the main level. Be careful and keep the construction in mind when making your attack.

Venting the Roof

Take a look at this video and let me know what you see. I posted the still frame from this video and had some great responses. Now, here is the whole thing. What do you see and what would you do different if anything?

Identifying RTU’s From the Interior

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Take care to look above you and identify RTU from the interior.

What’s Above You?

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What is lurking on the roof? It could come crashing down on you.

The Plain Clothes Vent Man

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Don’t allow this on your scene. There is no room for the Plain Clothes Vent Man at your calls.

More Roof Ops

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Is there anything we are forgetting here? First, let me make it clear, I was looking for a picture I have of a crew working on the roof the correct way when I came across this one. I know, we have beat the first Roof Ops post to death and if you don’t want to […]

Is It Real? Or Is It Something Worse?

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Solar panels on roofs are not always easy to spot. Can you easily identify them if you were to respond to a fire where the roof had solar panels like these?

Large Residential Homes

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Residential homes are getting larger and larger. We need to train and prepare for fires in these almost commercial-sized homes with training and broad pre-planning.

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