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Adapting–The Rest of the Story

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So, lesson 1 is big fire equals big water. If the fire is advanced enough that you will run out of water, it wont make any difference what size your line is. But, the larger line will put out more fire in that short amount of time.

Excellent Training Opportunities

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Don’t miss these training opportunities. The Brotherhood Instructors provide all facets of fire service training. You really need to attend one of their trainings. Here is some training from Traditions Training.  Again, if your looking for some of the best training offered, these two groups of guys can get for you.

Removal Up Stairs–Video

This is a video we did for a company drill. I know that everyone has their favorite method and some will not like using webbing for this. This is just an additional option you have. It really does give a little assistance with lifting. We have found we have a bit more leverage using the webbing.


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If you are the first arriving unit and officer, explain where your going and what your doing. I’ll give you a little information to help you along.

Residential or Commercial Alarm?

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Firefighters are falling through floors immediately after entering. Roofs are collapsing much earlier than before. Contents are causing fires to burn faster and reach untenable temperatures much earlier in the fire. The larger area requires the firefighters to search longer and further into a building than in the past.

Water Rescue-Rope Throw

This is a skill that needs to be practiced to be effective. Flash flooding happens very quickly and can require us to take fast action. Be ready and be safe.

Bailout Anchoring Techniques

I recommend trying these and modifying them as you play around with them. There is nothing like practicing and trying new methods when it comes to firefighter operations and drills.

Officers, Take a Look Around You!

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This is why the officer/s need to be aware and not get tunnel vision.

Apply the Lessons Learned

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Above all, don’t let the lives lost at any LODD be lives lost in vain. Learn from their mistakes, but don’t be critical, we have all screwed up and been lucky enough to get away with it. Be constructive and train on the recommendations so that you don’t repeat history.

What’s In Your Pockets?

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Without becoming a walking toolbox, what essentials do you carry on your person?

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