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Up Above the Ceilings

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This is a picture of a fast food restaraunt after a fire.  The fire got into the void space and spread very quickly.  Crews were pulled out early and there were no injuries.  The building was a total loss. The focus of this picture is the fall out of from the ceiling.  As you can […]

Bowstring Trusses

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Most of you know what this is.  This is a picture of a building with bowstring trusses.  We have all heard about the dangers of these buildings and how they can collapse quickly during a fire. Many of these buildings have large storage capacities and in many cases are used as automotive repairs and sales […]

Outside Storage Hazards

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This a picture of some storage tanks at an implement sales and repair facility.  These are located in the rear of the property and are not easily seen from the A,B and D sides, which are where you would access the property and the building.  They are close enough though to be considered exposures and […]

Our Lady of Angels Fire Anniversary

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On this date in 1958, Our Lady of the Angels School started like any other day. Kids got up and got their school uniforms on and made their way to classes, just like every day.  This day would end tragically and would be one of the main reasons for our modern day fire codes. Before […]

Routine Preplanning

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This picture doesn’t show anything spectactular or out of place.  What it does show is what every community in every jurisdiction has; subdivisions. These subdivisions will have dozens to hundreds of houses built by a single contractor or just a handful of the same contractors.  These are prime locations for EMS calls.  Those EMS calls […]

Commercial Roofs

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This is the top of an old shoe factory that still is in operation as mostly storage for the shoes and componenets. It is a two three story heavy timber with brick building. These can prove to be difficult to open due to multiple layers of roofing. When inspecting these, get to the roof to […]

Vintage Photos

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Just some old photos I have from our local fire department. I will post more every so often. I think they are really cool. Don’t forget your past and remember those who came before us.

Overhangs, Concealed Spaces, Facades

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Here is a look at a concealed space on a mercantile building that is being added on to. This is not built into the building, but hangs on the outside. Fire can race through here and collapse on firefighters entering and leaving the building during suppression operations. Care must be taken to open this space […]


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The next several blogs are going to come from class that I am creating that raises the importance of company inspections and how they affect our suppression efforts. As you can see in this picture, the FDC is blocked and was difficult to see from the road. Add night conditions and an ill prepared fire […]


Here we are, our first blog. We will post training and commentary on fire related topics. Submit your ideas and training method to increase safety for all firefighters. Thanks for visiting.

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