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Breakdown of FDIC 2010 H.O.T. Classes:Large Area Search

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The class was held at the old airport terminals, which was kind of cool, and created a great opportunity for many crews to operate effectively.

FDIC 2010 Wrap Up

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Since starting this blog I have been overwhelmed with the support and readers. I had no idea so many would read the posts. Thank you and keep giving me feed back. I follow your lead and responses to post topics you all find interesting.


Monday night was dinner at Buca’s, which is a little Italian place with huge portions of good food. Then it was off to Buffalo’s again to have some drinks. Got a call from Marques Bush of Firefighter Basics from Claddagh’s Irish Pub and we moved on down to there. That is where everybody was. I got to have some

Fireworks and LP Gas: Good Mixture?

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This is a fireworks wholesaler and storage facility. As you all know, fireworks are flammable and have been known to cause some catastrophic fires and explosions.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 4

Not much to say. This shows some great techniques. Keep training and something different coming tomorrow.

Entanglement Awareness: Part 1

Ultimately we want to train and educate ourselves to avoid being entangled, but it is important to have the knowledge to know the situations where we need to be able to self-rescue or call the Mayday.

Training for VES

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When discussing this tactic in some circles there is great debate. In fact, I have heard outright intolerance for VES.

High Rise Hose Tips

Great video for high rise hose folds.

Hose Handling

Take the time to go over these techniques with your crew. If you cannot handle the hose, you will have difficulties getting the “wet stuff on the hot stuff” because you are fighting the hose line.

Back to Basics Part 6: SCBA Drills

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Once the alarm goes off they just walk or stand as if they were conserving air. This provides them with an idea of about how long they can conserve their air if they do get trapped and their low air alarm does activate.

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