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Engine House Training, LLC

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Engine House Training, LLC is a new training group based in St. Louis, MO. We have been doing training together for a long time and finally decided to do something formal with it.  As much as we like to train, we are great friends and have a blast with what ever we are doing. The […]

Moving and Flood Water–Be Careful and Prepared

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Some fundamental reminders; Don't drive into flood or moving water.  You have no idea what the conditions of the driving surface are underneath the water. It may be shallow but the power of water can  alter and significantly damage the road surface below the water line. In some instances that portion fo the road could be washed away completely

Horse in the Loft

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While awaiting the arrival of additional resources, the horse was kept calm due to the age and the poor condition of the barn’s second story floor. Given the time of the incident a light tower and generator was called to the scene for lighting around the incident and inside barn

Water Rescue-Rope Throw

This is a skill that needs to be practiced to be effective. Flash flooding happens very quickly and can require us to take fast action. Be ready and be safe.

For Those That Missed It…

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to and honor to be a guest on Firefighter Netcast hosted by Rhett Fleitz of The Fire Critic and John Mitchell from Fire Daily. It truly was a great experience and I want to thank John and Rhett (the most interesting man in the world!) for the opportunity.

Rope Rescue Tech Part 1

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I recently took a rope rescue technician class given by CMC. This is just one of many pictures I took during the class. The class was a week long and there was very little classroom time; almost all in the field.

Technical Rescue/Special Ops

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However, as you can see we have two problems with this scenario: the piece of equipment tilted and the boom in the house.

Personal Harness H.O.T. Class from FDIC 2010

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The bailout evolution was by far the funnest part of the day. There were three opportunities to bailout and I think everyone took advantage of that.

Swiftwater Coming

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Make sure you wear personal floatation devices that are appropriate for emergency services. Make sure those PFD’s are on all apparatus and ready for service.

FDNY Special Ops Symposium

Check out the link to get for information on the FDNY Special Operations Symposium.

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