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Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire Remembered

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These factors are all too familiar.  We see the same failures in these large loss of life fires in assembly occupancies.  We sometimes take our inspections and prevention activities lightly because it is not “fun” or interesting to some.  Remember these fires and the lives that have been lost because of poor prevention measures and a lack of life safety measures in these buildings.

Iroquois Theater Fire Anniversary

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The Iroquois Theater opened in Chicago in 1903 and like many things built in that time period, was touted as being “fire proof.”   On December 30th, the play “Mr. Bluebeard” was being performed and at around 3:00PM a scene portraying moonlight was set.  There were approximately 1900 people in the crowd, many standing in […]

Tragedy 85 Years Ago

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On this day in 1924, children and their parents were gathered in the Babbs Switch School for a visit from Santa Clause. It would end up being a tragic Christmas story and a reason for inspections and codes.  The school had been recently painted with terpintine used for paint thinner.  After windstorms had damaged the […]

India School Fire in 1995 Killed Over 500

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On this day in 1995, over 500 people were killed during a school ceremony in Dabwali, Haryana India. There were entire families and mostly children that were killed that day. The school had set up a large tent/membrane structure for a special event for the school.  It is believe that a short circuit in some […]

1964 Indiana Nursing Home Fire

On this day in 1964, a nursing in Fountaintown, Indiana caught fire around 3:00AM.  A nurse reportedly saw the fire in the kitchen and hall way and started screaming for everyone to get out. The first state troopers on the scene stated that the fire moved very fast throughout the first floor and that although […]

Special Events, Watch for Them

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On this day in 1961, not that long ago, a circus tent caught fire in Niterói, Brazil.  The fire killed 323 people including many children. It is suspected that a disgruntled worker set the fire, but that has been disputed by some. It is another example why we have codes and permits for these special […]

The Great New York Fire of 1835

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On this day in 1835, a great fire swept through New York destroying over 500 buildings and claiming the lives of two people. The fire reportedly did what would be hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. The fire started on Merchant street and spread quickly through the lower Manhatten area.  Firefighters battled below freezing […]

Atlanta Winecoff Hotel Fire Remembered

Entry Img On this day in 1946, 119 people died in the deadliest hotel fire in American history.  The 15 story hotel was built in 1913 and was touted to be “fire proof” and was therefor built with no fire protection systems. There were no fire escapes, no spinklers, no fire alarms and all of […]

Rember Pearl Harbor

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On this day in 1941, the United States was attacked by Japanese bombers.  The attack left our country stunned and was the event that officially brought America into World War II. Many brave men and women died and were injured that day along with many civilians.  Today, our service men and women fight and sacrafice […]

101 Reported Dead in Russian Nightclub Fire

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Early Saturday in Russia, a nightclub fire reportedly claimed the lives of 101 people.  The fire is believed to have been started by “cold” fireworks, that are typically fountain type displays and burn at lower temperatures compared to typical fireworks.  With recent terrorist events, it was first feared to have been another bomb or terrorist […]

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