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Breakdown of FDIC 2010 H.O.T. Classes: RIT Combat Drills

The final drill was a scenario where all the drills we went through would be applicable for a final rescue of three Maydays. It was a team building exercise and multiple teams were needed to rescue one victim. Air management is paramount and the teams must understand when to call in the next team without running out of air.

Blog Carnival Entry

In addition, and we don’t know why, the crew took the line to the basement door on the main level before asking for water and there was no 360 done prior to making entry. These two contributing factors are the real meat and potatoes for this LODD. And, it is also why it is so influential to me. How many times have we done the same thing? How many 360s do we do on a regular basis? Would finding the seat of the fire in the basement as a result of the 360 change the entry point? We may never know.

Remembering Colerain

Remembering Colerain firefighters. April 4, 2008.

Wind Driven Fires Part 1

Wind driven fires have killed many firefighters and burned even more. We must change how we operate and study this phenomenon to keep us and those we protect safe.

You Never Know

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Don’t take it for granted that the “routine” call is “routine.”

Trooper Identfied

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This is the trooper that was killed working an accident today.  Here is the link to the news story:;=3 Stay safe and be careful out there.

MO State Trooper LODD

It is with much regret to pass along sad information from Missouri. This morning a Missouri State Trooper was struck while working at an accident scene in Eureka, MO.  Details are still few, but the trooper had gotten out of his vehicle and was struck by a passing motorist.  The trooper was taken by ground […]

More On Engineered Lumber

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[youtube=] I know this is older but is worth mentioning and showing again. Be careful out there and take time to look for basements.  Stay safe.

LODD FDNY 1998 On This Day

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On this day, December 18, 1998, 3 FDNY Firefighters  were killed in the Line of Duty at a high rise fire. Lt. Joseph Cavalieri, FF Chris Bopp and FF Jimmy Bohan died on the 10th floor of a labeled “fireproof” multiple dwelling whose sprinklers had been shut off. The three firefighters from L170 arrived and had the assignment of searching […]

Engineered I-Joists: Be Aware of Your Buildings

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[youtube=] Some of you may have seen this video, but is worth looking at again and showing it to your firefighters, officers and building officials.  Take time to look at your subdivisions and know the dangers. Stay safe.

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