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If It Keeps Tripping, Just Tie it Down

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Nothing like being resourceful with the electric. It keeps tripping the breaker, so let’s just tie it down.

Bulging Walls

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Look at all sides of the building, you never know what you will find.

Trip to the Hardware Store

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This exit door is not only blocked and not accessible, it is also padlocked so that it cannot be opened.

Who Can Say “Pack Rat”?

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Fire codes, ehhh, who needs them? This is an interesting picture. How many inspections have you been on where a room was so full of stuff that you couldn’t get in to look around. That may be what happened here.  A hoarder comes to mind too. I also like that “everybody” wants to see what […]

Is It Real? Or Is It Something Worse?

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Solar panels on roofs are not always easy to spot. Can you easily identify them if you were to respond to a fire where the roof had solar panels like these?

Green Construction-A Different Spin

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More information on green buildings and the role fire protection has had and will have in reducing greenhouse gases. Very imformative article on green construction codes.

TV vs. Emergency Lights

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You have to look kind of hard to find the emergency features you need to check while on inspections.

Mercy Hospital Fire 1950 Kills 41-Davenport, IA

Another history lesson that helps to prove fire sprinklers save lives. Learn from our past without repeating it.

Obstructed FDC

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Fire department connections should not be used as trash recepticles.

More Than Just Floors

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Take into consideration what the building is made of before getting on the roof. Is the benefit worth the risk.

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