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Making I-joists More Dangerous

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This is a weak spot in this floor and will sag. It will fail much faster if contacted with fire.

More on Light Weight Construction

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Check out this article for some great information and links in regards to light weight construction and the hazards that are associated with it. All firefighters and officers need to read this.

Wood Trusses Can Be Killers!

Take a look at the difference between wood trusses and stick-built roofs. There is a difference when both are attacked by fire and one fails miserably.

Multiple Story I-Joists Floors

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I-joists are used on all floors. Remember this when searching floors above the main level. Be careful and keep the construction in mind when making your attack.

Identifying RTU’s From the Interior

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Take care to look above you and identify RTU from the interior.

What’s Above You?

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What is lurking on the roof? It could come crashing down on you.

Is It Real? Or Is It Something Worse?

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Solar panels on roofs are not always easy to spot. Can you easily identify them if you were to respond to a fire where the roof had solar panels like these?

TIC–Some Food for Thought

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I posted a couple of pictures  a few days ago that showed a living room taped off.  The room looked normal and unaffected by whatever had gone on there. There is a great deal of information about using thermal imaging cameras to locate fires in basements.  This is a good practice to get in when […]

More Than Just Floors

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Take into consideration what the building is made of before getting on the roof. Is the benefit worth the risk.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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What see is not always what we get. Get a good look from all sides, it might just save your life.

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