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Quick Roof Lesson

This is a quick drill for you company officers and acting officers. So much of what we do is coach and mentor our younger firefighters. When we are out and about we need to take the time point out things that might be obvious to us, but maybe not so much to others on our […]

Type IV Construction

Heavy timber construction is a type of construction we don’t see popping up in new buildings. However, there are still a great many buildings that are or were Type IV construction in our jurisdictions. We need to identify these buildings in both circumstances.

Fire Service Books

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Keeping these books and others within reach is a good way to stay engaged. These resources gives you valuable information at your fingertips when you need it. It is also a good way to pass on information to others and to have meaningful conversation about “fire stuff.”

Old Building Systems

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As you can see from the picture, these wires are still in use with these old ceramic insulators.

Heavy Timber and Open Junction Boxes

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These old buildings are almost extinct and most that are still around are not occupied anymore. But, the one’s that are still need to follow the code. Take a look at the heavy timber construction and the open junction boxes.