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FDIC Visit to Brownsburg Fire Department

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We then got the tour of the engine on Main Street and what a great place. As you can see from the pictures of the kitchen table, they have made it their home in true firefighter fashion.


Monday night was dinner at Buca’s, which is a little Italian place with huge portions of good food. Then it was off to Buffalo’s again to have some drinks. Got a call from Marques Bush of Firefighter Basics from Claddagh’s Irish Pub and we moved on down to there. That is where everybody was. I got to have some

They’re Here!

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The new t-shirts are here. We have had many requests, so buy ’em up and be the first on your department to have one.

The Origins

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In the beginning…….

Typical Fireman

Video of a typical fireman. We all know this guy.

Help, Santa’s On Fire

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This is what happens when you travel faster than the speed of light.  Let’s hope they got him put out before the presents burned.  Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe.

It’s a COLD Charlie Brown Christmas!

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We are getting ready to come back to MO from TN and I wanted to post these pictures.  If you get the chance and want to see something a little different but really cool, go to Opryland resort in Nashville and see “It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas” from ICE. All of the sculptures and slides are […]

Deep Fried Turkeys

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[youtube=] Over the next few days I will be posting some videos of the people who keep us firefighters busy over the holidays. I am sure we will all run into some of these deep fried turkeys in the coming weeks.

Vintage Photos

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Just some old photos I have from our local fire department. I will post more every so often. I think they are really cool. Don’t forget your past and remember those who came before us.

Safe Crackers

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Not a great picture, but, it was fun. The police arrive with a safe from a search of a house. They were suspecting to find some drugs based on their informant. Since they couldn’t shoot the thing open, they did the next best thing; brought it to the fire department. This safe wasn’t all that […]

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