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Ridge Cut

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[youtube=] Here is a good video showing a ridge cut for venting a roof vertically.  Don’t forget that on a real fire, you need to wear SCBA and it is still optimum to have a roof ladder to help to operate off. In addition, care must be made to ensure that the roof is stable enough […]

Wear Your PPE!

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We can see that there is a working fire at this building.  It is very likely a good choice to vertically ventilte this building. However, how a commanding officer could allow his people to put themselves in this situation is unacceptable. There are at least two firefighters on this roof with smoke and fire below them […]

Ladder Placement

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This is a good working fire and I can see mutliple hose lines going into the structure. It is unfortunate that it is a fire that is ruining someone’s Christmas. With that being said, it is good to see some ladders on this structure since it appears there are crews upstairs. To the left of […]

1964 Indiana Nursing Home Fire

On this day in 1964, a nursing in Fountaintown, Indiana caught fire around 3:00AM.  A nurse reportedly saw the fire in the kitchen and hall way and started screaming for everyone to get out. The first state troopers on the scene stated that the fire moved very fast throughout the first floor and that although […]

Special Events, Watch for Them

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On this day in 1961, not that long ago, a circus tent caught fire in Niterói, Brazil.  The fire killed 323 people including many children. It is suspected that a disgruntled worker set the fire, but that has been disputed by some. It is another example why we have codes and permits for these special […]

More Candles

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More candles, look at the draped chairs right next to the candles. Again, right in the aisle that will serve as an egress aisle in the event of an emergency. I don’t see sprinklers on the ceiling, although they could be there, but someone could be badly burned before a spinkler head would activate.  Just […]

How Many Does It Take?

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Now I don’t know exactlly what is going on here, but just from the photo I would guess that they are pushing the limits of this porch.  It appears that the building is of an advanced age the possibility of some rotten members are good. Since there are firefighters on this roof and the brick […]

Up Above the Ceilings

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This is a picture of a fast food restaraunt after a fire.  The fire got into the void space and spread very quickly.  Crews were pulled out early and there were no injuries.  The building was a total loss. The focus of this picture is the fall out of from the ceiling.  As you can […]

101 Reported Dead in Russian Nightclub Fire

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Early Saturday in Russia, a nightclub fire reportedly claimed the lives of 101 people.  The fire is believed to have been started by “cold” fireworks, that are typically fountain type displays and burn at lower temperatures compared to typical fireworks.  With recent terrorist events, it was first feared to have been another bomb or terrorist […]

Remembering Worcester 6: Dec. 3, 1999

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Never forget the Worcester 6 who lost their lives on Dec. 3, 1999.  Here is an article that covers the incident very well; much better than I could do.  Also, check out the tribute video below. [youtube=] You can buy Worcester 6 decals and stickers here: Never forget our fallen Brohters and Sisters everywhere. […]

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