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Bulging Walls

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Look at all sides of the building, you never know what you will find.

The Plain Clothes Vent Man

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Don’t allow this on your scene. There is no room for the Plain Clothes Vent Man at your calls.

Right in the Middle of It

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Situational awareness must be practiced at all times. Even in the platform.

Upcoming Presentation by Bobby Halton

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Make your plans now to attend this great presentation by Chief Bobby Halton, Ret. on March 5th.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-10-10

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What would you do if you were the first arriving company officer on this fire? What are the main considerations with this house? Share and post your answers and thoughts.

Roof Ops the Right Way

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This is a good look at how to vent a roof the safe way! Okay, I found it.  The last two roof ops posts have shown the way “not” to vent a roof. (see Roof Ops and More Roof Ops) Now, I have found a picture of how to vent the roof.  I have to […]

TIC–Some Food for Thought

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I posted a couple of pictures  a few days ago that showed a living room taped off.  The room looked normal and unaffected by whatever had gone on there. There is a great deal of information about using thermal imaging cameras to locate fires in basements.  This is a good practice to get in when […]

Green Roofs and Fire Operations

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Let’s try to determine how we would need to change our tactics, if at all, on a green building. This is a house fire like all the others with the exception the roof is a grassy meadow.

Kitchen Table Tactics 1-7-10

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Give us your tactics and strategies for this large residential fire. Share you thoughts and ideas on how you would tackle this fire as the first arriving company officer or commanding officer.

Mercy Hospital Fire 1950 Kills 41-Davenport, IA

Another history lesson that helps to prove fire sprinklers save lives. Learn from our past without repeating it.

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