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Light Weight Strip Malls

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As you look at this building you can see that it seems to be a series of stores or spaces in a commercial building. Most likely a strip mall type building.

Fire Stopping Pillows

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Basically, the way that these pillows work is that when they are heated, they expand (the plastic will melt away) and fill the void. This maintains the fire rating and prevents fire from spreading and smoke spread is contained.

Firestopping Collars

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No what your builders and contractors are using to protect penetrations in fire rated walls, ceilings and floors. Make sure they are doing it right.

Vertical Fire Stopping

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Fire stopping is crucial to maintain fire rated floor, ceiling and wall assemblies.

Thomas Hotel Fire, 1961

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Simple oversights on fire inspections could make a difference in an emergency. Be thorough and enforce the fire codes.

Fire Stopping Penetrations Part 1

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Make sure fire stopping is intact and done correctly. The protection of penetrations is part of what gives fire walls their rating and prohibits fire spread from one fire area to another.

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