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Knights of Columbus Hostel Fire

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On this day in 1942, 100 people lost their lives at the Knights of Columbus Hostel in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  The building was mostly wood construction and had had most of the windows boarded up and barred to meet black-out regulations during the war. At the time of the fire there were approximately 500 occupants […]

Kerns Hotel Fire 1934

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The Hotel Kerns was built in 1919 and was a brick building that boasted 162 rooms and was a favorite hot spot  noted for its bar and cafeteria. On Dec. 11, 1934 it would turn tragic when the night janitor for and adjacent business noticed flames on the 2nd floor at around 5 AM.  He […]

Up Above the Ceilings

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This is a picture of a fast food restaraunt after a fire.  The fire got into the void space and spread very quickly.  Crews were pulled out early and there were no injuries.  The building was a total loss. The focus of this picture is the fall out of from the ceiling.  As you can […]

Outside Storage Hazards

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This a picture of some storage tanks at an implement sales and repair facility.  These are located in the rear of the property and are not easily seen from the A,B and D sides, which are where you would access the property and the building.  They are close enough though to be considered exposures and […]

Know What’s Around You

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This picture is of a mutli-family complex that is completely built of light-weight wood frame.  It is important for you know what is being built in your jurisdiction and to plan how you will handle an incident at these locations. Depending on what jurisdiction your in, this building may not be required to be sprinklered […]

Cocoanut Grove Anniversary

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On Novemeber 28, 1942, the Cocoanut Grove nightclub was full of friends and family celebrating the holiday season and a college football upset.  That night would prove to be one of the worst public assembly tragedies that America has ever seen. The fire killed 492 people and injured hundreds more.  The fire was believed to have […]

A Year Ago Today

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It was a year ago today that terrorists started fires in the Mumbai Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai, India.  It was obiously during a holiday and many tourists were visiting the luxury complex.  Other facilities were targeted and when the ordeal was finally over, at least 167 people were killed between the locations […]

What Bad Could Happen Here?

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This is an example of poor judgment. The firefighter in the door must have an SCBA on. There is still smoke pushing and you never know when that front room could light off. If this room would flash or even quickly push smoke and heat the full length of the door, this firefighter is in […]

Overhangs, Concealed Spaces, Facades

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Here is a look at a concealed space on a mercantile building that is being added on to. This is not built into the building, but hangs on the outside. Fire can race through here and collapse on firefighters entering and leaving the building during suppression operations. Care must be taken to open this space […]


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