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Kitchen Table Tactics 1-7-10

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Give us your tactics and strategies for this large residential fire. Share you thoughts and ideas on how you would tackle this fire as the first arriving company officer or commanding officer.

Mercy Hospital Fire 1950 Kills 41-Davenport, IA

Another history lesson that helps to prove fire sprinklers save lives. Learn from our past without repeating it.

Mississippi SB 2079: Attack on Residential Sprinklers

Another state selling out public safety: bill will essentially not allow local jurisdictions and municipalities to adopt residential sprinkler ordinances.

Roof Ops

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Should we be putting firefighters at risk during defensive operations?

Kitchen Table Tactics 01/05/10

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Apartment fires can be challenging, how would you tackle this incident?

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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What see is not always what we get. Get a good look from all sides, it might just save your life.

Ice Rescue: Technician Required?

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What is the minimum level of training a firefighter should have before entering the ice for rescues?

You Never Know

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Don’t take it for granted that the “routine” call is “routine.”

The Good Old Days

I was talking to some old friends that I had worked with when I had originally got hired as a career firefighter. We were discussing the “good old days” and having a good laugh. We all have moved on to different departments and districts since then, but we all agreed that those were some the […]

Fire Discussion 3

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Okay, here is your kitchen table Company Discussion for the day. Let’s take a look at what we have going on here. The two pictures say a great deal about this fire.

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