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Hanging by a Thread

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Okay, its not really a thread, but it may as well be. These truss systems are popular for overhangs and porches on commercial and residential buildings.  Typically, the top end will sit on a nailed 2×4 or rest on the top of the wall and toenailed into the joist for I-joist. These are very danagerous […]

Oh, The Good Old Days are Gone!

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Remember the good old days when your commerical buildings were block and mortar or steel buildings with large dimensional lumber? Those days are long gone and it has made our job that much more dangerous. When this building is completed, it will likely have a facade giving it the look of a brick, block or […]

As Brannigan said, “The Building is Your Enemy!”

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This is a typical scene in just about every jurisdiction in America.  The homes are getting bigger while at the same time getting “lighter” in their construction and make-up.  Take the time to go by and look at these buildings while they are being constructed.  Identify the systems being used and the layout of the […]

Up Above the Ceilings

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This is a picture of a fast food restaraunt after a fire.  The fire got into the void space and spread very quickly.  Crews were pulled out early and there were no injuries.  The building was a total loss. The focus of this picture is the fall out of from the ceiling.  As you can […]

Know What’s Around You

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This picture is of a mutli-family complex that is completely built of light-weight wood frame.  It is important for you know what is being built in your jurisdiction and to plan how you will handle an incident at these locations. Depending on what jurisdiction your in, this building may not be required to be sprinklered […]

Routine Preplanning

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This picture doesn’t show anything spectactular or out of place.  What it does show is what every community in every jurisdiction has; subdivisions. These subdivisions will have dozens to hundreds of houses built by a single contractor or just a handful of the same contractors.  These are prime locations for EMS calls.  Those EMS calls […]

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