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If you are the first arriving unit and officer, explain where your going and what your doing. I’ll give you a little information to help you along.

Crisis Leadership

Building on my FDIC presentation, leading the department in tough times.

Officers, Take a Look Around You!

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This is why the officer/s need to be aware and not get tunnel vision.

First Impressions

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We are finding more families living together and they must make some accomodations for those added individuals. What I am referring to is the garage being converted into living space.

Apply the Lessons Learned

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Above all, don’t let the lives lost at any LODD be lives lost in vain. Learn from their mistakes, but don’t be critical, we have all screwed up and been lucky enough to get away with it. Be constructive and train on the recommendations so that you don’t repeat history.

NFFF Memorial Weekend

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We have been asked to support this initiative to bring honor to those that have fallen and for the families that have been left without their loved ones.

Lapel Mics vs. No Lapel Mics

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I personally like the lapel mics for the simple reason that you can get to it and get your “voice” closer to the mic when geared up and on air. Once you place your radio in a pocket and put your SCBA on, it can be almost impossible to get it out and talk on it.

How Do You Operate?

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These questions came up in a recent conversation with several people on multiple occasions. I am really interested to know how the rest of the country is doing it and what trends are being followed.

Great Article-Important Information

Check out theis article by Lance Peeples from the Webster Groves Fire Department in St. Louis County. I Lance very well and he is a great fire service leader and carries the torch for increased training on the basics and for firefighter safety.

Factors to Consider

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What if this was a vacant house and the you noted the same conditions and “red flags?” Would it change how you approach this fire?

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