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Woe the Shopping Carts

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With the holidays over, so to speak, the big sales days are upon us now.  You might want to check on your big stores to make sure things are in order. As we can see here, the shopping carts have taken precedent over the people inside for access to the exit.  This happens a great […]

Know Your Buildings

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[youtube=] Here is an older, but good reporting video from Dave Statter on building construction and how it affects our efforts. Stay safe.

Challenges for Firefighters ON/IN “Green” Buildings

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The day has come and will present itself more often in the future that we will be dealing with issues pertaining to “Green” buildings.  I was on a conference call today and the subject was brought up about “green” construction and codes.  The comment was made, and correctly so in my opinion, that most fire […]

Bowstring Trusses

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Most of you know what this is.  This is a picture of a building with bowstring trusses.  We have all heard about the dangers of these buildings and how they can collapse quickly during a fire. Many of these buildings have large storage capacities and in many cases are used as automotive repairs and sales […]

Our Lady of Angels Fire Anniversary

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On this date in 1958, Our Lady of the Angels School started like any other day. Kids got up and got their school uniforms on and made their way to classes, just like every day.  This day would end tragically and would be one of the main reasons for our modern day fire codes. Before […]

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