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Upcoming Presentation by Bobby Halton

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Make your plans now to attend this great presentation by Chief Bobby Halton, Ret. on March 5th.

TIC–Some Food for Thought

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I posted a couple of pictures  a few days ago that showed a living room taped off.  The room looked normal and unaffected by whatever had gone on there. There is a great deal of information about using thermal imaging cameras to locate fires in basements.  This is a good practice to get in when […]

Mercy Hospital Fire 1950 Kills 41-Davenport, IA

Another history lesson that helps to prove fire sprinklers save lives. Learn from our past without repeating it.

Large Residential Homes

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Residential homes are getting larger and larger. We need to train and prepare for fires in these almost commercial-sized homes with training and broad pre-planning.

Roof Ops

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Should we be putting firefighters at risk during defensive operations?

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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What see is not always what we get. Get a good look from all sides, it might just save your life.

Ice Rescue: Technician Required?

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What is the minimum level of training a firefighter should have before entering the ice for rescues?

You Never Know

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Don’t take it for granted that the “routine” call is “routine.”

Importance of Exits

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Saving lives is our business and making sure that these situations don’t happen may save more lives than you know if a fire would happen here.

The Good Old Days

I was talking to some old friends that I had worked with when I had originally got hired as a career firefighter. We were discussing the “good old days” and having a good laugh. We all have moved on to different departments and districts since then, but we all agreed that those were some the […]

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