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Remembering With Our Actions

Today is a solemn day. Eleven years ago this country was attacked by terrorists and changed us forever. That day is remembered not only for the horrific events of the attacks, but also for the heroes of that day. We lost 343 of the bravest our profession has known and some of the most influential […]

Honoring 343 Fallen

Finally, keep all those firefighters and families in your prayers daily. Live your life and career in a manner that would honor all of the brave men that lost their lives that day trying to save others.

Help Build a Monument

Brownsburgh Fire Department is trying to build a memorial for 9/11.

September 11th Commemorative Coin

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September 11 Commerorative Coin Fundraiser Check out the website and get you, your friends and fellow firefighters one of these coins and help a great foundation.  Never forget these people or their families and what they have endured.  See the website, it says it all.