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Engine House Training, LLC Podcast #1 from MU Winter Fire School

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[Podcast-001] – FOOLS Talk From MU Winter Fire School 2015 February 9, 2015 by Frank Lipski 1 Comment In this interview we talk with members of the Muddy River Fools, Natural Fools, and Ozark Mountain Fools about the brotherhood and the FOOLS organization.  Great conversation about upcoming events, and all things firefighting.  Recorded LIVE from University of Missouri […]

5 Week Officer Development Program: Online

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You asked for it, here it is. Condensed version of the online Officer Boot Camp. This class is shorter and has fewer assignments for those with time restraints. Register at the link: Register HERE For those that want a more intimate setting, schedule a one day or two day program at your fire department. Contact […]

The 2 1/2″ Line: Sweat, Effort and Persistence

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How do you run your 2 1/2″ lines? What types of nozzles? Pre-connect or static? Length? What is your preference and why? This is a valuable weapon when deployed correctly. However, some are of the opinion that it’s just to big and heavy to use for an initial attack or with just one person. What […]

FDIC HOT Class 2015

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We all know that getting water on the fire as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid bad situations. We also know that some of the best in the business have been confronted with situations beyond their control even after doing all the right things and were forced to make very tough decisions […]

My 2014 Take Away

Since the end of 2014, I have been reading and listening to year end thoughts and data related to the fire service. There has been discussion on types of calls, near misses and, of course, line of duty deaths. Numbers are broken down and categorized for each type of injury or death that is fire […]

Opposing Forces

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A common question that is posed from current and prospective officers along with engaged firefighters is “how do you deal with superior officers or an organization that doesn’t want to move forward?” First, it’s not always the organization or the superior officers that are the sole problem. I’ve seen good, engaged, enthusiastic  firefighters circumvent the […]

Don’t Wait for Your Ship, You Might Miss It!

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In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to be involved in both sides of the promotional process: as a participant and as an interviewer. Both are stressful and will challenge you. You must be able to pull from your training, education, experience and coaching in both circumstances to arrive at a positive decision and […]

Company Drill: Oriented Search

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Here is a quick drill from Engine House Training, LLC for you to use on oriented search. Train and share. EHT Co Drill Oriented Search

Figuring Out Hose Stretches: Company Drill from Engine House Training, LLC

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Here is a quick drill for figuring out hose stretches for larger complexes or properties with long set backs. The key is to get out and figure this out long before the call comes in. Share and add your own information to it. Company Drill for EHT Hose Stretch

Company Officer Boot Camp: IV Starting December 8, 2014

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COBC IV: for the Company Officer Boot Camp! Here is the registration and information for the course. Thanks for all of the interest and support! For specific questions, please email If you would like to enroll multiple officers from your department, let me know so we can work out an exclusive class or provide […]

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