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For Those That Missed It…

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to and honor to be a guest on Firefighter Netcast hosted by Rhett Fleitz of The Fire Critic and John Mitchell from Fire Daily. It truly was a great experience and I want to thank John and Rhett (the most interesting man in the world!) for the opportunity.

Remembering at FDIC 2010

Remembering those have fallen at FDIC 2010. Every time I hear this I get goose bumps. I was there, and it truly was a great time. There is nothing like hundreds of firefighters raising a cup to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

More RIT Video

Remember, these videos are for reference and information only. You have to drill and practice these skills with an instructor that has the background and experience to ensure proper technique.

Cleveland School Fire of 1923

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That night 77 people lost their lives at a school event that should have ended with celebration and refreshments. Instead the community was tasked with finding the bodies of those who did not make it out.

Fundamentals, Basics, Training, Oh My!

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We have heard of and there are some teaching victim profiling; determining if there is someone in the building or not and if it is survivable. While I understand what is trying to be done in regards to keeping ourselves safe, why should it be any different from your size-up and basic training as a company officer? A building is tenable or it is not, no matter if it is occupied or not occupied.

Rope Rescue Tech Part 1

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I recently took a rope rescue technician class given by CMC. This is just one of many pictures I took during the class. The class was a week long and there was very little classroom time; almost all in the field.

Personal Escape and Victim Rescue

Great personal rescue system video.

Are You Making a Difference?

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You hear pro teams talk about it all of the time; we have to watch game film, we have to prepare for their defensive schemes or we just weren’t as prepared as they were. It is no different for us. Our enemy never takes a day off. Our opponent never quits and is always ready to take us out. We have to keep preparing.

Honoring Tradition

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As I made a right from the lobby, there is a short hallway that honors the fallen Chicago firefighters over the past 200 plus years. They have a badge for each one in a glass case and it is sobering to say the least. There is a great number of badges on that wall for those that made the ultimate sacrafice. When you see how many have given their lives for their fellow man, it truly is a humbling experience.

In Memory Of…..

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Today is a day that has great significance to me.  It was 19 20 years ago today that I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life: my cousin Tom Henson.  Tom was on a tractor, taking it back to his father-in-law and was struck by a drunk driver.  I could go […]

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