031–EHT–The Double Edged Sword of Loyalty–Podcast



The Double Edge Sword of Loyalty

  • There are bad leaders out there, no doubt


  • “Management reserves the right to manage poorly”

 What you should expect:

  • Fair & consistent treatment


  • Genuine concern for your wellbeing & development


  • The tools & support you need to do your job


  • To be challenged and to be made to demonstrate your proficiency


What your leaders should expect

  • For you to do your job (Mark Von Alpen Fully Involved)


  • For you to be engaged in the organization


  • For you to respect our craft & our profession


  • For you to respect the right of the leader to make decisions


  • To ask questions

So when the leaders are not “loyal” ask

  • Why do I think that?


  • Exactly what did they do to make me say that?


  • Can I help to make things better?


  • How are my skills, it is easy to be critic in the recliner.


Link to Mark Von Appen and Fully Involved

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