The Leadership Triad–Core Values and Ethics


Chief Dennis Reilly and Jason Hoevelmann discuss leadership for firefighters and fire officers specifically regarding being a consistent leader and officer using the Leadership Triad.

It comes downs to a strong moral compass and the firm foundation based on ethics and doing what’s right.



  • Your decisions and actions need to be driven by your own moral compass
  • Your compass needs to be in line with that of the organization
  • There should be no question where you stand among your subordinates, your

    peers, and your superiors.

  • Moral & ethically driven people bring consistency and stability to their work



  • If you do not lay out your expectations there is no guarantee on what you will get
  • Expectations need to be in writing, invest the time now to avoid the “Well I didn’t

    know what you wanted” in the future.

  • At the task level positions, expectations need to center around tasks, at leadership

    positons expectations need to include attitudes & behaviors.


  • You will get what you display as your normal operating mode
  • What you model is the future for your organization. As an officer, you have a Moral

    & Ethical Obligation to leave your organization better than what you found it.

  • Chief Lasky once aid “Follow ugly kids home and you will find ugly parents”.
  • What you model is what they will do when you are not around.


  • This can be quite uncomfortable but as an officer you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • You have a Moral & Ethical obligation to correct unsatisfactory or counterproductive behaviors. We didn’t promote you because you look good, we expect you to do your job.
  • If you fail to hold your members accountable there is a good chance that your boss will hold you accountable. In some organizations, this is known as “failure to supervise” and can lead to demotion and/or termination.


Link to additional file on Leadership Triad 



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