Surviving the Poor Company or Department

Surround yourself with good people, positive energy comes for this.

Stay in your lane. If you are a firefighter in a bad situation, then just concentrate on being the best firefighter you can. If you are a chauffeur or a company officer same thing.

Your ability with two, five, seven years of experience probably is going to be very limited to influence the mind of a 30 year veteran.

How many of the stupid things that management/leadership impact you?

“Oh that’s a stupid rule I would never do that” Well good then you don’t need to worry about it. I can guarantee you that even if you wouldn’t do that, someone else did and that is the reason why they came out with the rule!!!

Don’t worry about making them look bad, let them make you look good.

Remember it is still the best job in the world. If they are putting you in the position where you don’t feel that any more you might want to think about moving on.

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