With or Without the Hose Line?





In the last few weeks I posted about being aggressive. In that post I mentioned that we, our department, will search without a hose line.  This seemed to raise some eyebrows and concern about what I said.

This podcast addresses what I mean by that and some ways to search without the hose line in your hands.

We train and operate in a manner that allows our crews to search unattached to a hose line. For good reason too because we have trained and drilled and found that we are delaying one tactic or the other when we search strictly off of the hose line while making the attack.

We allow the fire to grow unchecked and we delay the search for victims when we are trying to do both at the same time.

It’s critical that you train and operate within your resources and SOG’s.


Thanks for listening and take care.


  • JP Garcia says:

    I generally learned to search without a hoseline. After a few years I adapted to stretching a dry line with me while doing search. With two dry lines going into the structure our general thinking was if there was a rescue one of the search teams would be able to locate the victim first or one of the teams would find the fire first. We were covered either way. The team who had located a victim could be found by using the dry line as a tag line for additional units to use to assist in the rescue. If they didn’t need assistance with rescue they could follow the line back out with the victim and another crew could pick up where they left off and continue to assist with fire attack. Whatever a department chooses, I don’t believe one is wrong or right. It all depends on what works for that department.

  • Eric says:

    We do our search allways with hoseline

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