Service and Misc. Calls–Podcast


This episode we discuss some items to consider when dealing with service and misc. calls.  It’s important that we don’t take these incidents lightly.  Each call has the potential for being a challenge, not matter how it is dispatched or what you think it might be.

For CO calls follow your guidelines for calling out service personnel to double check readings or lack of readings.  We have a threshold that requires a call to the gas company for any CO reading of over 10PPM. However, most will call out the gas company for any readings, just to eliminate any margin of error.

We also take advantage of any service call or misc. call by checking and ensuring operation of the smoke detectors and batteries.  This has been a great PR technique for us and gets us in the entire house for familiarization.

Additionally, don’t dress down for these “check the buildings” calls and other seemingly benign calls.  As you will hear in the show, you never know what you’re going to pull up on–so be ready and prepared.

Don’t take lightly these calls and expect the unexpected.

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