Company Planning at Buildings–Podcast

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Weekly Company Drill
Building Familiarization
This drill is a size up and familiarization drill. It can be broken up into several parts and get as much information gathered as possible.
The objective of this drill is to identify specific hose length stretches for large complexes or buildings that may test the ability of your typical 150′ or 200′ pre-connect hose line. Share your information with the other companies.
Gather some utility or search rope. We use three, 100 foot sections of 9mm search rope in a bag. Park where you would normally park if there were an incident. Tie off at the truck and stretch to the most remote area you can access. We tie off knots every 25 feet to help us figure out how far we are. Document distances going up stairs, over hand rails, special considerations, etc. Stretch to the back simulating a large blitz line.
Special Considerations
Access issues for apparatus
Water supply location and challenges
Forcible Entry
Floor plan challenges
Rear and remote access points
Friction loss and flow rates
Ventilation considerations
Occupancy type and demographics
First due resources
Construction type and associated challenges
Proficiency with deployment of dead or static loads
Get the permission of the property owner
Special note: If we cannot get into an apartment, we take the distance to the front door of the apartment and then measure the full length of the apartment from the exterior, approximating the interior stretch.

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