5 Week Company Officer Development Course



We are taking registrations for the next 5 Week Company Officer Development Course. It will start January 25, 2016 and will run five weeks.

This class has been very popular and well attended for the last two years.  The video lessons are recorded, so you can watch them on your time.  The group discussions allow you to network and share experiences with others from all over the country.  Finally, the written assignments make you look pretty deep and think and in the end you will have some great material to refer back to and share as you progress throughout your career.

Topics include:

  • Preparation
  • Setting Expectations and Follow Through
  • Leadership
  • Handling Difficult Members/Crew Dynamics
  • Setting Goals
  • Company Drills
  • First Due Tactics

The cost is $150 for the entire program. You will receive templates, forms and worksheets at the end for you to edit for your use.


Register HERE and don’t wait, we normally fill the class!


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