The Monday Mantra, Exceed Expectations from Leading Under Fire

the minimum


Every Monday I will post a new podcast from Leading Under Fire to give you a little boost to get your week started. I will provide inspirational quotes, helpful tips and just straight encouragement to have the best week you can. This episode focusses on Exceeding Expectations.

In this episode we discuss that meeting just the minimum is setting us up to be just the minimum. I don’t anybody wants to be considered as just the minimum. No matter what we are doing, not matter what job we do and no matter what we are involved in, we should strive to exceed expectations!

Write down just one thing, one task or one challenge that you want to exceed in. Look at it an believe that you can be more than the minimum this week.

Think about how you will do this and pass it on to others.

Be excellent! It’s really your choice.

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