A Story of Survival with Kansas City Fire Captain Charley Cashen

In this episode of the Engine House Training Podcast, Kansas City, Missouri Fire Captain Charley Cashen shares his story of survival. Charley was caught in a rapidly changing fire while searching for a victim in the basement of a home in January 2015. Captain Cashen, a 30 year fire service veteran shares his experience, and lessons learned from this incident.

Full Podcast from MU Winter Fire School



  • Tim Simon says:

    I have a story about a mayday that the Incident Commander never answered my MAYDAY! My MAYDAY lasted six minutes and twenty seconds and no one ever came into the building to look for me. The IC said he sent the RIC team right in, however at the five minute and thirty second mark they can me on the air as ready to enter. They were then instructed not to go in. No ladders were ever placed. I ran out of air in the building. I am very fortunate to be alive. Contact me an I’ll give you the story.

  • Jace Woodworth says:

    Yes sir Captain,
    Anything that all other Brothers & Sisters can place in their memory bank is a good thing!!!
    I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the story.

    Jace Woodworth
    Robinson Illinois

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