“Company Officer Boot Camp” 2-Day On Site Class

For the past year I have provided three, 10 week Company Officer Boot Camp classes and with more request filtering in and registrations for the first class starting in 2015. I have had several requests for an on-site class, well, here it is!

This is a 2 day, 16 hour class offering with group activities, assignments and discussions relating to becoming and being an effective company officer.

We start with preparing and being an attractive candidate all the way through being the acting shift or battalion chief.

Discussion on time management, setting expectations, creating company drills and much more are included. There will be some written assignments for the first night of the class to use and discuss on the second day.

We will include some simulations for decision making and development of drills for your crew.

All of the materials, forms and resources will be made available in an editable format for each student to use and have unlimited access. Forms include company drill templates, lesson plans, SOG development template, and more.

Email me at enginehousetraining@gmail.com for pricing, information and scheduling.


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