Blauer Boot Review

I’m somewhat a creature of habit when it comes to my clothing and footwear for work. I have worn the same brand of boots for over 20 years, and they have served me well. So, when I was contacted by Blauer to try a new boot my comfort level was shaken up a little.

But, no pun intended, well maybe it is intended, I jumped in with both feet!

I was shipped a size 12 pair of 6″ boots. I normally wear a waterproof and insulated boot and these boots are not insulated for winter, so timing was great with a summer trial. The boot does have water moisture and antibacterial properties.

The biggest difference with this boot is that there is not a zipper or a traditional lacing system, which initially was a point of concern about speed of putting the boots on. I am used to side zippered boots and am efficient getting in and out of them. But, I really liked this Boa Lacing System, or what I like to call ‘the ratchet.’


This system uses a reel or ratchet that winds up the thin lacing cable that replaces traditional laces. According to the Boa tag, “Boa technology guarantees the Boa Lacing System reel and laces for the lifetime of the product.” So far, I really like the system.

The reel on the front of the boot is easy to access and makes adjusting the snugness of the boot very easy. The dial, or reel, pushes in and pulls out to loosen and tighten. Push the dial in and turn clock wise and the laces tighten with a few quick turns. Pull the dial out, and the boot quickly loosens for an easy exit.



I normally don’t wear boots in the summer because of the sweat and heat. I will on occasion during storms or wet periods, but I mostly stick to shoes. These boots were worn during some of the hottest days of the summer in Missouri and I can say that my feet were never hot or uncomfortable due to increased sweating. It is something I pay attention to and was pleasantly surprised just how ‘cool’ they kept my feet during the heat.

We also had some pretty rainy days, 2 inches of rain one day and pair that with some drilling with hoses and streams, my fee stayed dry. Walking in puddles and having filled hose drained on my boots, I never felt water seeping or entering my boots.

The comfort and weight of these boots were as good as any boot I’ve worn. Although I’ve never weighed my prior boots, this pair seemed lighter than most I’ve worn and were very comfortable. I noticed right away that these boots were easy on my feet. I wore these boots on average 4 to 5 days per week for about three weeks and the comfort never sacrificed.

The sole is a non-slip rubber and as engine room floors can be, ours gets slick when wet. I don’t recall slipping or having any issues on wet surfaces. Now, I didn’t have them during winter, but I would guess that they perform the same as comparable boots in snow and ice. Additionally, I don’t know how they will perform in extreme cold weather.

Overall, this is a boot that I would continue to wear and use. I like the look and the comfort along with the dial system of laces. The problem that I have had with zippers in the past is getting them snug without making them impossible to get on and off. This system successfully addresses that in my opinion. I don’t have to unlace or re-lace the boots to tighten or loosen.

Below is a link to the Blauer website with more information and pricing. The boot I wore is listed on the Blauer webiste for $144.99, which is very comparable to boots that I purchase for duty use.

Thanks to Blauer for the opportunity and thanks for reading.

Blauer Boots –FW0 16WP Clash 6″ Waterproof Boot

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