Company Officer Boot Camp: September 8, 2014

Round three for the Company Officer Boot Camp! Here is the registration and information for the course. Thanks for all of the interest and support! For specific questions, please email If you would like to enroll multiple officers from your department, let me know so we can work out an exclusive class or provide you with a department rate, depending on the number you are enrolling.

Registration Form


Here is some additional information:

The New Fire Officer: Company Officer Bootcamp Second Class
The first Company Officer Bootcamp is almost over and has been a success! We are starting the second class on September 8, 2014. All FOOLS members and ISFSI members receive a 10% discount with a valid ID number.

We ended up with a wait list for the last class, so get registered quickly. Above is a short video of what you get with the class and the registration link.



Last year when I started the company drills, I had every intention of continuing those on a perpetual basis. After some time and few of those drills being distributed, I had some readers suggest that there were many places to get drills and that you can only make so many before they are repeated. Based on many emails, Facebook messages and other communications, the primary theme of feedback is the same: how do I become a better company officer? I received many requests for advice and questions over this last year and have started some mentoring for some of you.

Since then I have decided to do two things this year to try to enhance what I post on the Facebook page and on the blog site. With that, I will provide mentoring for 10 prospective or current officers to allow more personal communications. The Ebook will be provided mid year and will be continually updated for free for those that purchase it. The 10 week program will contain videos, activities, assignments, discussion forums and forms and worksheets.

I will start taking registrations May 1, 2014 and I can provide your department with an Federal ID number and invoice if your department will pay for the training. Keep in mind, this program can be done at your own pace, but each week there will be activities, sharing and discussions that you won’t want to miss since all attendees will be involved. This wil allow us to share as a group, share experiences, offer lessons learned and provide group feedback. The format each week will look like this:

Video Lecture
Discussion Group Topic
Critique and Mentoring of Topic

The cost for each attendee will be $300 and only 30 seats will be available. That’s only $30 per week and you will have unlimited access to the material forever and access to any updates to the material.

The topics include the following:
Module 1–The Candidate
Module 2–Setting Expectations
Module 3–Schedules & Daily Routine
Module 4–Leadership
Module 5–Setting Crew Goals
Module 6–Setting Individual Goals
Module 7–Handling Difficult Members
Module 8–Tactics & Fireground Decisions
Module 9–Professional Development
Module 10–Company Drills and Crew Training
Module 11–Taking Command


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